This is the proposed site for a video games in education wiki. The intended audience of this page is k12 educators interested in getting started with games in education, though I hope experts in the field will contribute content and use this as a reference resource as well. I will get up a framework for the navigation and content as soon as I can. Feel free to contribute thoughts and discussion in the meantime.

Quick Links

The following links are meant to accompany my presentations on Video Games in Education. These can be used to explore topics more in depth following a presentation, or (if the participants have their own computers) to make the presentation more of a hands-on activity.

Games in Education Webcast (OCDE w/Mike Guerena and Mark Wagner)

Seymour Papert
Hard Fun

Marc Prensky
Games 2 Train (Check out the other sites at the top of the page.)

James Paul Gee
Games Learning and Society (See also Kurt Squire and Constance Steinkuehler.)

Clark Aldrich
Virtual Leader

David Williamson Schaffer
Epistemic Games

More Simulations
SimSchool (David Gibson)

Browser Based Games (Browser Based Games)

Commercial Games in The Classroom
Bill McKenty's Blog

Revolution (A Mod of NeverWinter Nights by MIT)

Educational Games (Not edutainment!)
Making History (See also Dave McDivitt's blog.)
Dimenxian (Learn Math or Die Trying!)

Serious Games